Resident's concerns after piles of muck found in her garden

A disgusted resident has claimed that irresponsible dog owners are letting their pets foul in her garden, after finding piles of muck.

Saturday, 21st May 2016, 2:00 pm
Bondgate Hall, Alnwick

Marion Benn fears that the culprit or culprits are lifting their pooches over the wall and allowing them to foul on land at Bondgate Hall, on Bondgate Without, Alnwick.

She said: “Somebody is bringing their dog into my garden because I keep finding mess there.

“The issue did stop for a bit when there was the bad weather, but is seems to have started again and I am finding quite a bit of mess and it is quite a regular occurrence now.

“The gates to the garden are closed and it is private land, so they must be lifting the dog over the wall and they seem to think it’s okay to bring their dogs into the garden.

“They are leaving a mess behind. I don’t want people in my garden and the fact that this mess is being left makes it even worse.”

Mrs Benn admits that she has two Jack Russells which go out into the garden, but she says she always picks up after them and therefore believes that the fouling is being caused by somebody else.

Mrs Benn, who has had the property with her husband Robert since 2011, said: “I pick up after my Jack Russells – I pick up after everything they do. It is not fair that they should have to go out into a dirty garden.”

For information about how to report an incident of dog fouling, visit the website