Residents’ complaints lead to pay-outs

The Community News Project needs you.
The Community News Project needs you.

Consumers in Northumberland were awarded more than £80,000 in compensation last year by Ombudsman Services, which handles energy and communications complaints that have been on-going for at least eight weeks.

Residents claimed an average of £157 each from 510 complaints about energy and communications – and figures from Ombudsman Services’ Consumer Action Monitor suggest this may be the tip of the iceberg, as 50 per cent of North East residents experienced an energy or communications issue but didn’t complain.

The most active complainers were those in the Berwick area, making 163 complaints and claiming £27,249 in compensation. The fewest number of complaints came from Wansbeck.

Further research suggests the total amount of complaints about all products and services last year could be as high at 1.6million. But consumers in the North East still experienced more than 3.6million issues that they ignored, with 41 per cent saying it was too much hassle.