Resident’s warning after scam phone call

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A Longhoughton resident has issued a warning for others in Northumberland to be wary of a scam call, claiming to be on behalf of the Government and offering the recipient £8,000.

The caller explains that they are from, or representing, the Government and that the recipient is entitled to a once-in-a-lifetime grant of £8,000 due to being a good citizen and always paying their bills and taxes.

The recipient is then given an ID code and told to call 0203 290 5985 to verify the claim and there are numerous reports of this happening online.

The Longhoughton resident asked if this was a freephone number and was told yes, despite it being a standard number with a London area code.

He explained that he did not call the number, being aware that it was a scam, but said: “Some poor devils will be falling for this.”