Report sets out what is needed to fix memorial

Amble War Memorial.
 Picture by Jane ColtmanAmble War Memorial.
 Picture by Jane Coltman
Amble War Memorial. Picture by Jane Coltman
A report has recommended what work is needed to fix Amble's iconic war memorial, but there is a chance that the repairs won't be completed in time for Remembrance Day.

The structure has suffered water damage, caused by five footballs and a tennis ball on the roof, which blocked the drainage system and flooded the roof.

A report sent to Amble Town Council says that ‘structurally the masonry of the tower is in good condition, but there are problems with roof covering and drainage, and with the internal concrete suspended floors’.

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To repair the structure, the report proposes that a new concrete roof is provided, with an enlarged drainage outlet and an access hatch.

For drainage, it suggests that ‘the roof outlet should be of the raised type, not flat as existing, to remove the possibility of it being blocked by balls’.

The report also recommends a number of internal alterations.

The War Memorials Trust is now consulting Historic England on the recommendations.

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It is intended that the clock would be removed in its entirety from the memorial prior to any works.

After the meeting, clerk Elaine Brown said that it is hoped that the work will be completed by November 11, 2017, but there is a possibility that this might not be possible.

The town council has set aside £30,000 in its budget to fund the repairs.

Last Friday, a separate fund-raising appeal, started by former Amble resident John Cole, was officially launched at the Bede Street Club, featuring band Prelude.

As part of this, an online fund-raising page has been started at emorialclock

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