Report reveals urgent work needed to protect trees

A SURVEY has revealed that urgent work is need to protect the health of trees in Rothbury.

A report was commissioned by the parish council to look at whether any work is needed to make trees safe in the village.

It looked at 33 different ones along the main street as well as the churchyard.

And of those in the centre of the village three are in need of urgent attention.

An oak tree has dead branches hanging in the top which need fixing. A sycamore tree needs its crown removed and a Japanese cherry tree has been recommended to be removed to protect the health of others around it.

Coun Dawson said: “I’ve had a look and the oak tree definitely wants doing. I don’t know how the branch hasn’t snapped off. It is the same with the sycamore, that needs to be looked at as soon as possible.

“We don’t know the costs that are involved yet but those three are the most urgent.”