REPORT: Confident in care home

I am writing with regard to your front page article regarding The Grange Care Home in Warkworth, (Northumberland Gazette, April 21).

Thursday, 28th April 2016, 8:34 am
Updated Thursday, 28th April 2016, 9:38 am

I read with sadness the findings of the CQC, but wanted to write to tell you and your readers of what life is like in The Grange.

My mother is 94 years old, and to me, my sister and all of our family she is the most important person in our lives.

Due to her now needing 24-hour care she has been a resident at The Grange for the last 10 months.

She has a lovely bedroom, she is spotlessly clean and her clothes are changed daily. Her hair is styled every week by a visiting hairdresser.

All of her needs, whether domestic, personal or medical, are all taken care of in a caring and professional manner.

The food is good and there is regular entertainment and activities.

She is safe. The building itself is warm in temperature and cheery in its ambience.

The staff are caring and confident in their duties, and the only way I can describe the feeling I have is that the residents, their families and staff are all one big family.

I am not disputing the findings of this report, but I would not put my mam in the care of anyone I was not 100 per cent confident in.

I would, therefore, advise your readers not to let this article put them off considering The Grange for one of their relatives, but to visit and see for themselves.

Maria Sibbald,

Guilden Road,