Repairs to surge-hit prom

Amble harbour
Amble harbour

The county council has set out how it will spend £2.7million in Government funding to help with road repairs.

It follows the announcement in March by the Department for Transport of additional funding specifically to help local authorities which have suffered damage to roads due to the extreme wet and windy weather over the winter.

Pothole on the road near Bolton, Northumberland

Pothole on the road near Bolton, Northumberland

Northumberland County Council plans to spend £1.2million on repairs to six major structural sites, one of which being the promenade in Amble.

Repairs will be carried out to the structure, situated next to the playground at Bay View/Sea View, which suffered significant damage – a hole about 600mm deep by several metres long – as a direct result of the tidal surge in December.

A county council spokeswoman said: “The work at Amble is part of £2.7million we have received from the Department for Transport to pay for repairs to highways in the county that have been affected by damage from flooding.

“While it will obviously help to improve the look of Amble sea front, it’s not directly linked to the Amble harbour village plans.

“It’s money that was available specifically for flood damage which we have bid for successfully.”

The rest of the funding will be spent on road micro-surfacing within residential streets and surface dressing for rural roads; machine patching of strategic routes; resurfacing of unclassified roads, both residential and rural; and drainage repairs.

This work will be targeted at areas of most need and £600,000 will be spent in the north of the county, compared to £500,000 in the west and £400,000 in the south east.

The council is also preparing a bid for a share of the £168million Pothole Fund for Highway Maintenance.

Barry Rowland, executive director – place at the county council, said the additional funding is ‘very welcome’, adding: “It will enable the council to accelerate its work to repair roads and structures which have been badly affected by extreme weather.