Repairs are on their way for Guyzance

The closed road at Guyzance.
The closed road at Guyzance.

Work is on schedule to repair a road closed by landslip at Guyzance.

The C100 road was closed after two landslides at the beginning of the year at Guyzance Cottage and Guyzance Bank. But the road had to stop moving before any investigations or solutions could be found.

Residents have received information from Northumberland County Council about it, but Acklington Parish Council, which covers the area has not been informed about any updates.

County councillor Jeff Watson said that work is on schedule.

“Before an engineering solution goes in the road had to stop moving,” he said.

“Nothing much has changed recently but we are almost there now.

“ We are looking to do the work very shortly.

“I know that the county council has tried to get back in touch which people who have contacted them but not had any luck.”

He added: “It is a big issue for people.

“The diversion is a long way round because the roads are awful.

“I know people are upset about it but there was nothing we could do for a while.

“It is just one of those things. They are getting on with it now.

“In the latest response to a resident the county council said that the only fly in the ointment could be getting approval from the Environment Agency to remove some trees from an ancient woodland as the council needs to be on that land to carry out the repairs.”

There was also a third landslip in Guyzance which has been put forward to be repaired in Northumberland County Council’s local transport plan’s landslip programme.

The slide on the C102 at Factory Bridge is set to cost around £175,000.

Coun Watson added: “The bridge is in the process of being rectified, it is a main route onto the A1.

“We said it would be done, and we found the money.

“I know people think that the council might be focusing on Rothbury but that is a completely different case.

“These works will be done.”