Reminder on safe crossing of Causeway

One of the signs on Holy Island encouraging people to check the tide times for the causeway.
One of the signs on Holy Island encouraging people to check the tide times for the causeway.

Motorists visiting Holy Island are once again being urged to pay attention to the safe tide times before crossing the causeway.

In light of recent incidents where foolish drivers have not heeded the safe crossing times, Northumberland County Council is reiterating advice to those visiting Holy Island this summer.

Coun Dave Ledger, deputy leader of the county council, said: “It is imperative that people adhere strictly to the safe crossing times.

“Those who don’t know the area can sometimes think that it is still safe to cross when it definitely isn’t – and one or two incidents recently have clearly illustrated this.”

The council installed two variable message signs last year in response to growing concerns about drivers trying to cross the causeway to the island outside of the safe crossing times.

But some drivers have continued to try and cross the causeway when it is unsafe to do so despite the signs.

Two drivers had to be warned within minutes of each other about the dangers of driving across the flooded causeway earlier this month.

Coastguards were alerted after the first car was seen heading towards it an hour after the safe crossing time.

The causeway was under two feet of water, but the driver managed to reverse back onto dry land by the time the emergency services got to them.

As the coastguards were speaking to them about the dangers of the crossing, they had to stop another vehicle from attempting to do the same thing.

Now, at the start of the summer holidays, and peak visiting season, the council is reminding all drivers to carefully check safe crossing times, and ensure that they have enough time to complete the whole trip across the causeway.

Drivers can check the safe crossing times on the council’s website before they leave home, from a mobile device or in the Gazette each week.

The times are clearly shown on boards at both sides of the causeway, and the large flashing solar-powered signs give very clear indication of whether or not it is safe to cross.