Reminder for postal and proxy vote deadline

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Northumberland County Council is calling on people to act now and apply for a postal or proxy vote if they are going to be away for the General Election.

The deadline to apply to get your name on the electoral roll for postal vote applications is Tuesday, April 21, or to apply for proxy vote applications – where you can get a friend or relative to vote on your behalf – is Tuesday, April 28.

Before polling day, there are statutory deadlines in the election process that the council must comply with which has lead to the warning. The county council elections team is encouraging residents to apply now to avoid a last-minute rush.

Angus Taylor, electoral services manager at Northumberland County Council said: “We are fortunate to live in a democracy, we all have the right to vote and we should all try and use it. We urge those who are unable to attend a polling station on Thursday, May 7, to still exercise their right to vote by taking advantage or the postal or proxy voting system.”

“It only takes a few minutes to apply, so even if you’re heading off on holiday or unable to attend on polling day, you can still have your vote.”

If you would like to apply for a postal or proxy vote you can do so by emailing with your full name and address. Please specify which type of vote you require. If you live in Northumberland and have any queries regarding electoral registration, ring the elections office on: 01670 624811