Remembrance Day regret

Concern has been voiced about the lack of parish councillors representing Newton on the Moor and Swarland on Remembrance Sunday.

At last week’s monthly meeting, former parish and district councillor Vera Vaggs raised the issue during public questions.

She said: “I was very concerned on Remembrance Sunday to see that there was no parish councillor there from this parish, able or willing to read out the names and lay the wreath.

“This is no reflection on the way it was done by our parish clerk, but the point is that the parish councillors represent the parish and the clerk is employed.

“The fact that there was nobody there at Felton where the names of the men from Swarland are recorded is really very bad.”

Parish council chairman Suzanne Stanley said that the situation was ‘very regrettable indeed’.

She added: “As chairman, I would normally have done it and should have.

“As it happens, I was working somewhere that day and there wasn’t anybody available to do it so we asked the parish clerk.

“But I do take your point.”

Mrs Vaggs asked if something would be put in place to make sure that the same situation did not occur in 2014.

“I was quite embarrassed when people from Felton saw that there was no parish councillor from Swarland.

“I would like to know whether a different way of doing things might be looked at for 2014.

“I do hope that there is a parish councillor there to represent the people and honour the dead of the two world wars.”