REFERENDUM: We have been sold a bit of pup

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I didn’t vote in the EU referendum because I could not decide which side was telling the least number of untruths.

Initially, I was under the impression that the main reasons for leaving the EU was to regain our sovereignty, especially with regards to our borders and judicial system.

Now it appears we will allow the EU to dictate what type of border they will accept, and that if we want to deal with Europe we will have to pay them loads of money and be subject to the rulings of the European Court of Justice. Can someone explain how that differs from us staying in the EU?

Yet again, we are reminded as to how ineffectual Government and politicians are. Recently they raised concerns with laser pens, which are shone into the cockpits of aircraft to effectively blind pilots. They want to tighten legislation with regard to the misuse of such laser pen.

Surely, the question should be: “Why would anyone want a laser pen, and what possible use are they?” How about just banning the wretched things.

If they cannot solve them problem of something as simple as laser pens, what hope have we with their negotiations with Europe?

I cannot help but think that in relation to the outcome of the referendum, we were sold a pup.

Mel Shaw,