REFERENDUM: Now get behind the country

I have tried to stay clear of writing in reply to the correspondents who are still writing doom and gloom letters and who seem to think that the new Prime Minister and her Cabinet can undo decades of being tied to the yoke of the EU in two weeks, (Northumberland Gazette, July 21).

Monday, 1st August 2016, 6:00 am
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 3:52 pm

I take exception to Anne Wragham’s statement, ‘it is a fortnight since Brexit and the country seems to be in limbo’.

So, forming a new Cabinet, contacting countries outside the EU regarding new trade agreements, visiting the German Chancellor and setting the scene for better relationships, on top of getting on with internal affairs, is ‘in limbo’?

Sorry Anne, but like many other people who did not get the result they wanted from the referendum, you are being negative, whereas you should accept the democratic result and get behind the country.

As for your remarks regarding the last war, which your relatives were involved in, it is worth remembering that the 1914-18 war was fought to give us freedom, as was the 1939-45 war, not so that we, the people of the United Kingdom, could be ruled by faceless, unelected officials in Europe. My father fought on the Somme and was lucky to return, but he fought for the United Kingdom, which, given that everyone gives their support to the new Government, we can be again.

Finally, our MP was very positive as to which way she would vote in the referendum, once Cameron gave the go-ahead, and she has not disappeared since the vote. Read her column in the Gazette, get on her email list, or go to see her at her weekly surgeries. Anne-Marie will not only listen, but she will take positive action and keep you informed.

For goodness sake, give the new ministers time to settle in and do their jobs.

David Brown MBE,