Red squirrel group aims to draw in conservation funds

A red squirrel
A red squirrel

Glendale residents doing their bit to save the red squirrel are formalising their efforts in a bid to draw in additional funds.

The Wooler Red Squirrel Group has been feeling the financial pinch as the price of hazelnuts used to support the red squirrel population in the area has risen to more than £135 per 25kg bag.

Many charitable bodies are also finding raising money more and more difficult. Grant providers are only providing money to constituted bodies.

As a result, the squirrel group plans to hold an annual general meeting and create a formal constitution at the Cheviot Centre in Wooler on Tuesday at 7.30pm.

As well as a more formal part of the meeting, members will explain what the group has done in the last year and show images of some of the squirrels in our area.

With the support of the Penny Dot folk group, a fund-raising ceilidh is being held on Saturday, May 6, at the Glendale Hall in Wooler. Admission is £10 including supper and, more importantly, a way of supporting the red squirrel in one of its few remaining strongholds in England. Tickets are available from Brands in Wooler.

Club member Mike Allport said: “Please come along and support these events and as a result ensure that we are lucky enough to continue seeing red squirrels in north Northumberland.”

According to Red Squirrels Northern England, the creatures are suffering major decline in the UK and the population in England is thought to be as low as 15,000.