Red-squirrel campaigner hits out at latest survey

A red squirrel in Stannington. Picture by Mark Legard
A red squirrel in Stannington. Picture by Mark Legard

A red-squirrel campaigner in north Northumberland has responded critically to a squirrel survey project.

Last week, we reported that this year has seen a decline in the number of sites where red squirrels were detected for the first time since the Red Squirrels Northern England (RSNE) project started in 2012.

Project manager, Nick Mason, said: “There is no cause for alarm here as fluctuations in squirrel populations linked to environmental factors are entirely natural and beyond our control.”

However, Ernie Gordon, who has campaigned for decades to prevent the extinction of red squirrels, said: “There’s an old saying that ‘one swallow does not make a summer’.

“Equally, one red squirrel does not reflect the present dire situation whereby almost the entire population of red squirrels in Northumberland, and elsewhere throughout England, has been completely wiped out by the alien, disease-ridden, grey species.

“What concerns me most, as with many of my friends and acquaintances, is the choice of words used in the headline –‘no cause for alarm’. There is every cause for alarm.

“Sorry Nick Mason, but you appear to be another planet from the one I belong to when you state ’there is no cause for alarm’. This is misleading information. How terribly wrong you are and, by the way, I began my passionate interest in red squirrels way back in the 1930s.”