Recording begins for new album

Derek Allan, with Rebecca and Ellie, at Rochester Village Show.Derek Allan, with Rebecca and Ellie, at Rochester Village Show.
Derek Allan, with Rebecca and Ellie, at Rochester Village Show.
Northumberland musician Derek Allan, of We Steal Flyers, continues his weekly diary.

February 3

Rebecca is not too interested in winter walks until she is on one. She walked our five-mile walk today. She has so many plans and, like Ellie, wants to involve everyone. I wish we could all live the lives we wished for as children.

We had a flask of hot chocolate. It is one of their favourite things to do, drink a hot drink in the cold.

February 4

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Ellie was back at Morpeth cricket today, indoor. It was great to be with our cricket family friends once again.

We stayed around Morpeth for chips and the park, then went to see Shaggy in Bedlington. Melanie and the kids got the bus home and Shaggy and I drove to Yorkshire. We arrived there before Melanie got home to Broomhill.

It was a great gig, filled with friends and fans. Our CDs do so well in Yorkshire.

February 5

Chris, my driver, has always fancied going to see an ice hockey game so he went with Ellie and I. Whitley Warriors, playing the top team, were 3-1 down, then levelled in the final two minutes. All three of us loved it. This is our team.

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I like to show support everywhere I can in life, especially when it means something to me and gives me so much. People will always be my greatest inspiration. They do so much.

February 6

Melanie has done all of the taxes, there is so much to do. Posters have gone off again too.

There is the worry of another flu virus going round so we’re hoping we can still do what we do. Having no boss means we have no money when we are too ill to work, and also it is just not nice, as we all know.

We Steal Flyers ran a one-off open mic night in Blyth, but it was more of a laugh as no one was there, at all. We ran through songs and I showed Shaggy a song for our new album.

February 7

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Another not too successful day of gig booking, with not many replies. I was dropped off to run the monthly open mic at Stakeford. This one has been going well for months and was a nice night with friends old and new.

February 8

We were going with Chris to York for a few open mic nights so I could meet people and get us into York because this is the place to be for CD sales and music lovers.

We love Yorkshire and more of our albums sell there than in Northumberland so they love us being there too.

We ended up staying at home. We were constructive though and did a Youtube video of a song by Ciaran Lavery, called Shame. Ciaran gave me permission to do this. It is a great song and in one night more than 300 people took a look at it.

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I also recorded a song for Shaggy to add to our fourth album to make a start. He has the Christmas song I wrote a few years ago too. This is being slowly prepared for December.

February 9

Melanie was unwell and could not drive or do pretty much anything. I went to the Bar Loco gig in Newcastle with Sam. One of the players forgot it was on and could not make it, but with two acts it turned out perfect.

It’s a great venue for Acoustic Magic. James And The Lovely Burn played. They are a great duo doing well. I’m also helping them with a gig in Berwick. I love to help others. Sam Gibson played a set too.

I made not a penny, I lost not a penny, but I do what I do and I loved it. I could not live this way, but this is how it works.

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