Recalled patients undergo dental checks

Cawledge Business Park, Alnwick'Genix dental clinic
Cawledge Business Park, Alnwick'Genix dental clinic

A 70-year-old Longhoughton woman said that she is relieved to have had a check-up and blood test after she was recalled following dental treatment.

Last week, the Gazette reported that 28 patients of a particular dentist at Genix Healthcare Dental Clinic in Alnwick had been recalled following fears over infection control.

All of the patients, who had a crown or bridge fitted, were offered a check-up and a precautionary blood test for their ‘peace of mind’.

Rita Pringle had her check-up and test on Monday morning at a mobile unit at Alnwick Infirmary and she described the process as ‘pretty straightforward’.

“I think there were other people there who were more affected than me,” she said.

“I had the blood test just for safety. I don’t think I’m at risk.”

She said that while she didn’t get on with the dentist, who is no longer practising, she had had no problems with the crown that was fitted.

Mrs Pringle said that she was surprised when she was informed about the recall but now just wanted to move on.

She has been a patient at the practice since it first opened in Alnwick around two years ago and is now undecided whether she will change dentists or stay at the practice.

A statement from NHS North of Tyne said that the NHS is currently carrying out an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the clinical issues.

Professor Sue Milner, director of public health and protection for NHS North of Tyne and Northumberland County Council, urged patients to arrange their check and blood test ‘so any worries can be put to rest as soon as possible’.