Readers say they are sick of Tesco delay

Gazette readers have taken to social media to voice their frustration at the delay of Tesco’s stalled supermarket plan in Amble.

The company was due to begin work last spring – after a previous start date was pushed back – but made a late decision to amend the scheme, halting progress.

Tesco said that the plans would be ready for consultation in autumn 2013 – but nothing has materialised.

Now, the company has told Amble Town Council, which has previously voiced frustrations about the delay, that it hopes to go out for consultation in April.

On the Gazette’s Facebook page last week, some readers said they were desperate for the store to open, following the money boost for the harbour village.

Sarah Rowell said: “It’s good news about the new development. But when is Tesco being built, we need that first.”

Wayne Farrar shared her sentiments, adding that he was sick of the Tesco fiasco.