A range of activities are under way

Visit a typical early May garden, public or otherwise, and you will find a diverse range of activities in progress.

Sunday, 6th May 2018, 2:03 pm
Prunus The Bride. Picture by Tom Pattinson.

We are mowing the grass every week, a process that will continue, weather permitting, until September.

Last week a damaged lawn edge was repaired by lifting the affected turf, turning it around and re-laying. Sieved soil, made firm after the addition of grass seed, will take care of the bare patch.

This is a reasonable time to create an instant lawn and take advantage of the decent quality turf on sale at some local outlets for £4 per square metre.

Vegetables are starting to grow, but there’s still time to sow peas, beans and the like.

Our first outdoor salad crops are germinating, while courgettes and runner beans are developing in pots under cover.

And having just left winter behind, it’s time to plan harvests for its return.

Brussels sprouts, cabbages and broccoli benefit from early planting, and young specimens are on sale now.

This said, don’t forget to cover them all with netting to protect against pigeons and cabbage white butterflies.

Identify plants for containers and summer displays, but any bought now will need weather protection until late May.

Hanging baskets benefit from being planted up early and developing in an unheated greenhouse or polytunnel.

Make the effort to see current cherry blossom displays at The Alnwick Garden Orchard and other hot spots throughout the county.

It’s time to marvel at the range of flowering plants, bulbs, alpines, herbaceous and shrubs, in glorious full bloom.

Inspiration often comes from garden visits.