Raise a glass to one of town's favourite sons

Paul Stephenson with the new White Knight rum.Paul Stephenson with the new White Knight rum.
Paul Stephenson with the new White Knight rum.
Drinkers will soon be able to raise a glass to one of Alnwick's most famous sons.

A new rum is being launched tomorrow, named after Harry Hotspur, the legendary medieval knight.

White Knight, from Alnwick Rum, is a white Guyanese rum that uses spring water from the Northumberland hills.

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It will be launched, with free tastings, in the Food Hall at Fenwick’s in Newcastle tomorrow and Saturday. The company expects it to prove as popular as the Golden Spiced Rum launched at the end of last year which has boosted sales by 35 per cent.

General manager Paul Stephenson said: “White Knight is a premium white rum which is full-bodied with a fruity note and a touch of butter toffee.

“It’s a great mixer that we are confident will be a big hit with today’s growing number of cocktail drinkers as well as rum connoisseurs.

“We are very proud of our Northumbrian heritage and use local ingredients wherever possible, including the Northumberland water, as purity and quality are very important to us. We are launching White Knight in our region at Fenwick in Newcastle and in our own Taste of Northumbria shop in Alnwick but expect sales to grow swiftly across the UK, abroad and online.

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“We are confident that White Knight is a unique product, and a perfect summer drink, that will attract existing and new rum drinkers.”

The original Alnwick Rum was first made in the early 1900s to a secret recipe, lost for more than 20 years, before being re-discovered and put back into production in 2003.

Alnwick Rum is part of the Harry Hotspur Group of companies that also includes the Lindisfarne Mead producer, recently featured as a drink ‘Going Up’ in the Sunday Times Style magazine’s column of that name, and Alnwick Brewery.

All three companies are expanding fast into new markets here and abroad, with a growing range of drinks and related food products from beers and ales, rums, various meads and fruit wines to cakes, fudge, biscuits and chocolates.