RAIL: Rural North is missing out

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The announcement that Northumberland County Council has “no current plan to invest further in the Belford Station project” must have been a bitter disappointment to everyone who worked so hard to provide a better transport link.

I looked on the county council website for further information and found a report by consultants regarding the proposed reopening of the Ashington to Newcastle line.

This project, I think, was originally costed at £60million to £70million. This has now increased to £195million.

On top of this, consideration is being given to establishing two new stations, which according to Network Rail’s own figures will cost £25million each.

The line would terminate at Woodhorn Colliery and miss out Blyth and Newbiggin altogether. I cannot think this would be acceptable to their councillors and I am sure further developments would soon follow.

I believe this is yet another example of the rural areas of the North being sacrificed to support expensive projects in the Wansbeck and Blyth areas.

David Rixon,

Newton on the Moor