RAF Boulmer plays part in Euro drill

RAF Boulmer Personnel in the Control and Reporting Centre during Exercise Joint Warrior
RAF Boulmer Personnel in the Control and Reporting Centre during Exercise Joint Warrior

RAF Boulmer personnel have been taking part in Europe’s largest military exercise.

Exercise Joint Warrior saw more than 35 warships and submarines, 25 different types of aircraft and almost 13,000 ground troops from the UK, United States, the Netherlands, France, Turkey and other Nato allies battling each other at sea, in the air and on land in an area which stretched from the Irish Sea, north to Cape Wrath and east to the Moray Firth

The exercise provided a series of scenarios which simulated realistic operations during emerging conflicts, providing the opportunity for UK Armed Forces and their allies to work alongside each other to train for future live operations worldwide.

Aerospace battle managers and aerospace systems operators in RAF Boulmer’s Control and Reporting Centre (CRC) played a pivotal role providing tactical air command and control of RAF aircraft during the exercise.

Throughout the two-week exercise, CRC was also worked closely alongside Nato nation ships, air assets and military radars, establishing data links between them and producing a Recognised Air Picture – a moving diagram of everything in the air at a given time.

The Recognised Air Picture provides commanders with an accurate display on which to base their operational decisions.

The CRC managed the air battlespace, in conjunction with London and Scottish Air Traffic Control Centres, and took part with sea and land-based units in a series of scenarios including counter insurgency operations, responses to incidents of state sponsored terrorism and anti-drugs and piracy missions as well as state on state conflict situations.

For the two week-exercise many of RAF Boulmer’s Aerospace Battle Managers and Aerospace Systems Operators were deployed throughout the UK to work with their colleagues from other UK services and foreign nations.