RAF Boulmer personnel to receive road-safety advice

News from Northumbria Police
News from Northumbria Police

Northumbria Police is teaming up with RAF Boulmer in Northumberland to focus on motorbike safety.

On Wednesday, officers from the force’s Operation Dragoon road-safety team will be running a cornering clinic and motorbike road-safety event for military personnel and staff at the base in Longhoughton.

During the event, specialist roads policing officers will hold sessions with staff from RAF Boulmer to talk to them about motorbike road safety. They will pass on specialist riding advice and give hints and tips on safe riding on roads.

The aim is to improve road safety and biker-safety awareness among military personnel and it’s hoped that the event will be the first of many to come.

Motor patrols chief inspector John Heckels said: “Events like this are perfect for us to pass on vital safety information to bikers and I’d like to thank RAF Boulmer for allowing us to come and speak to their staff in the first of these sessions.

“Bikers are particularly vulnerable on the roads as they don’t have the same protection as car drivers, so its even more important that they take care and ride safely.

“We want to get across how riding defensively can help save lives and just how important it is that they stay safe every time they are out on their bikes.

“As we approach Easter more bikers will be out on the roads and if just one of the bikers who attended the event has come away thinking that bit more about road safety, then the day has been a success for us.”

Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner Vera Baird, said: “Road safety is important for all road users, motorists, pedestrians, cyclists and motorbike riders and is another example of the great work being done by the Operation Dragoon team to spread the important message of being safe on the road.”

Group Captain Mark Coleman, officer commanding at RAF Boulmer said: “Road-traffic accidents are one of the biggest causes of serious injury and death in the UK Armed Forces, outside of the Operational environment. It is therefore imperative that the RAF continues to develop and implement a comprehensive road-safety campaign in order to promote a culture of road-safety awareness to the whole force.

“Events like this are an invaluable tool in the battle to facilitate better trained and educated road users who are both more aware and skilled at dealing with life on two and four wheels.

“Through a continual engagement with the Northumberland Police Road Safety Partnership and Northumberland County Council, RAF Boulmer is active in supporting road-safety initiatives. We are confident that this event will go a long way toward reducing the possibility of RAF Boulmer personnel becoming part of the cornering and road-traffic-accident statistics.

“Looking ahead, RAF Boulmer will continue to deliver a comprehensive schedule of road safety events and initiatives which aim to provide Station personnel, their families and the local community with an increased awareness of the importance of road safety, enabling us all to live together safely on the road.”

The activity is part of Northumbria Police’s ongoing road safety Operation Dragoon, which is aimed at making the roads safer for everyone.