Radio station launches survey

Ron Bernstein in action on Lionheart Radio. He presents the Da Doo Ron Ron Ron B show on Wednesdays, 11am to 1pm, and Saturdays, 5pm to 7pm.
Ron Bernstein in action on Lionheart Radio. He presents the Da Doo Ron Ron Ron B show on Wednesdays, 11am to 1pm, and Saturdays, 5pm to 7pm.

A community radio station has launched a survey to gauge listener numbers and attract feedback, as it gears up to mark its 10th birthday.

Alnwick-based Lionheart Radio is closing in on the milestone, which comes on March 30, 2017, and is in the process of applying for a five-year licence extension.

It is run by a small, dedicated core team and volunteers come from a broad cross-section of the community to prepare and present programmes, conduct interviews and produce website content.

To help move the venture forward, the station, which is located at The Centre , on Fenkle Street, and broadcasts on 107.3FM, is keen to attract people’s views.

Ron Bernstein, who presents on Wednesdays and Saturdays, said: “We do not have the facility to obtain absolutely accurate numbers of listeners, so in an attempt to try to get that information, we have launched this survey.

“We would also like to know what we are doing well and what we can improve on, so we are encouraging as many people as possible to respond.”

Lionheart has certainly served the community well since it started and it offers a valuable service.

Among its objectives is to provide Alnwick and surrounding towns and villages with its own radio station, dedicated to providing entertainment and services to the community, and to provide locals with the chance to learn new skills and to participate in producing radio and media.

Music fan Ron, who plays a broad brushstroke of songs on his show, admits Lionheart is a valuable service.

He said: “It is a good forum for promoting community activities and it gives enthusiastic amateurs the chance to receive training and present shows on the radio – it really is a lot of fun.

“From a personal point of view, I have Parkinson’s and I find music and the radio very good therapy.”

He believes the importance of Lionheart is demonstrated by its upcoming 10th birthday and that the station has already been granted two five-year licences and is in the process of applying for its third.

Ron, from Alnwick, said: “The fact that we have survived for this length of time is testament to what we are doing, especially when we haven’t got a huge budget. The first five-year licence was very much a case of suck it and we have progressed from there.

“But we do need more bodies. We try to broadcast live from 7am to 10pm and there are gaps in the live broadcast, especially on the 7am to 10am slot, but there are also some gaps during the day. If anybody is interested, we would love to hear from them.

“Don’t worry if you haven’t done anything like this before – you will receive full training and support to make the programmes you want to make.”

People can volunteer in a number of ways, from new presenters to backroom support and feature reporters.

Lionheart Radio broadcasts to a number of areas in north Northumberland, but if people can’t listen via the radio, you can always listen online at
To find out more or to volunteer, visit the website, pop into The Centre, email studio@lion or call 01665 602299.

To complete the survey online, visit or pick up a hard copy from Alnwick Library, the tourist information centre or both of the town’s Post Offices. The deadline for submissions closes in a month.