Rachel and Amy lift their way to silver medals

Alnwick’s CrossFit gym, Real Fitness, has achieved two silvers and a British weightlifting record at the English Weightlifting Championships

Wednesday, 6th March 2019, 10:41 am
Updated Wednesday, 6th March 2019, 10:43 am

Hesus Kidd, one of the owners of Real Fitness, attended the English Weightlifting Championships in Luton with his co-coaching team from Cube Weightlifting Academy in North Tyneside.

The two clubs have been working together over the last 18 months to develop talent in Olympic weightlifting.

Two of those talented individuals are Amy Gibson, 22, and Rachel Armstrong, 17, who have been training at Real Fitness under the guidance of Cube Weightlifting Academy head coach, Josh Mosavi.

Both Rachel and Amy have been in the sport less than a year, and with only a handful of competitions under their belt, they had only competed in one national championship before last October.

Rachel and Amy attended the British Age Group Championships last year where Amy received a bronze and Rachel placed fourth. Both were in groups where they were competing against other women who had been in the sport for many years.

However, at this championship the results were very different, with Rachel successfully recording a 66kg snatch which registered a British record. She was less lucky with her clean and jerks, missing out on a 70kg clean and jerk and equalling her previous best of 65kg.

Amy also hit personal bests in the snatch and clean and jerk, recording successful lifts of 61kg and 80kg respectively.

Both Rachel and Amy received silver medals (pictured right).

“Their hard work, dedication and ability to act on what they are taught by their coaches at Cube Weightlifting Academy, and here at Real Fitness, have made Rachel and Amy the athletes they are today,” said Real Fitness owner, Hesus.

Cube Weightlifting Academy regularly attend Real Fitness and provide specialist coaching sessions and seminars for the benefit of the CrossFit athletes. However, Hesus saw potential in Rachel and Amy, and introduced them to coach Josh Mosavi at Cube Weightlifting Academy to develop their talent further.

“We have such a great friendship and respect for Hesus. He has created a great community at his club who are always so welcoming. We always have a great time whenever we come to Alnwick,” said Josh.

Hesus added: “Both clubs working together have created a strong relationship creating a fantastic community to nurture sporting potential.”

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