Quick thinking led to minimal disruption

The scene of the roadworks on West Street in Belford.
The scene of the roadworks on West Street in Belford.

Roadworks in a north Northumberland village, which had caused concern for the parish council, were completed quickly and satisfactorily.

At the July meeting of Belford Parish Council, members discussed the roadworks, then taking place on West Street, amid worries that there was no co-ordination and they were affecting businesses.

But the parish council was later reassured, after the county council explained it had to accommodate urgent BT works into their scheduled roadworks at the last minute.

This meant that these utility works were able to be carried out before the road had been resurfaced.

The county council was due to start its works on Monday, July 23, but allowed BT to carry out its work before returning on the Wednesday to resurface the road.

The works were only in place for a week in total, meaning the effect on businesses on West Street was minimised.

The state of the road in West Street has been raised by the parish council on several occasions over the past couple of years after it was dug up by utility companies.

Coun Geoff O’Connell, who raised several issues regarding the recent work at the July parish council meeting, said that the works had been carried out very satisfactorily.

“It was essential work, and I’m certainly very glad it went on,” he said.

“It’s a super job. The finished look of the work is very, very good.”

A spokeswoman for Northumberland County Council said: “County council scheduled roadworks were due to start on Monday, July 23.

“On Friday, July 20, the county council was informed that BT had an urgent works notice.

“The county council had a choice between allowing BT in to do its works or continuing with the scheduled works.

“The county council chose the most sensible of the two options and allowed BT in as it is best to have the utility works carried out before the road is resurfaced.

“Following work by BT the council began its scheduled works on Wednesday, July 25. All work was completed by July 30.”

Coun O’Connell added: “Members of the parish council contacted the county council to say that they were happy with the outcome.”