PUPPIES: Be wary of illegal imports

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With just weeks until Christmas, Dogs Trust is urging people not to fuel a cruel puppy trade by purchasing an illegally imported puppy.

Record number of puppies were seized in just one week during a covert operation at the UK border, with many more expected to be smuggled into the country undetected as importers hone in on the Christmas trade.

Despite many purchases being well intended, the internet has become a thriving marketplace for advertising illegally imported puppies. As a result we’ve produced some buyer advice to help people avoid being tricked into buying puppies illegally imported from Central and Eastern Europe.

Illegally importing puppies needs to end now. We urge the Government to improve this failing legislation. This includes increasing penalties for those illegally importing puppies and an overhaul of the pet checking system at ports.

Support our campaign at www.puppysmuggling.org.uk

Paula Boyden,

Veterinary Director, Dogs Trust