Pupils have eye for design

Lorna Watkinson with Warkworth First School pupils
Lorna Watkinson with Warkworth First School pupils

Pupils from a north Northumberland village school got in touch with their creative sides to design an advert for a mobile pottery painting studio.

Youngsters in Oak Class at Warkworth CofE First School produced the work for Lorna Watkinson’s Rainbow Pottery Painting company.

Lorna, who lives in the village, used her past experience in marketing at Procter & Gamble to brief the students about the task.

They learnt about what advertising was and how many advertising messages an individual is exposed to per day.

The pupils also discovered what makes a memorable advert and the importance of persuasive writing in advertising.

Designs by Lily Tibbitts and Leah Johnson were chosen as the winning ones. Leah’s advert is seen below, while Lily’s work was featured in another newspaper.

Lorna said: “It was brilliant to see how creative all the children were when designing the adverts and they generated some fantastic straplines.

“It was very hard for headteacher Jacqui Carrick and I to choose the winners.

“In the end we managed to pick two, although I will be looking for other opportunities to use the other adverts as they were so good.”

Mrs Carrick was equally impressed with the pupils’ designs and thought it was a valuable experience for them.

She said: “This was a great opportunity for the children to practice their persuasive writing skills for a real-life situation.

“There was some fabulous use of emotive language, strong adjectives and powerful verbs from everyone.”

Rainbow Pottery Painting is a mobile pottery painting studio that visits groups such as baby and toddlers, pre-schools and after-school clubs and encourages children to create unique and personal designs on pottery pieces such as plates or bowls.

To see other Warkworth pupils’ designs, visit rain bowpotterypainting.co.uk