Pupils chalk up some fun on fabulous day out to Oxford

On November 15, eight students from JCSC packed our bags and headed for Oxford for an Open Day event at the University.

After an already hefty day at school, we knew it was going to be a long night. But fear not, we were well entertained talking about everything weird and wonderful and of course what we would find in the city of Oxford.

Our imaginations were running wild on the long journey but we were very proud to be the northern-most school taking part, and the only school from Northumberland.

The trip was very enlightening and if there was one thing that Oxford University wanted us to leave knowing, it was that you don’t need to be an A* student to study at Oxford; you don’t even need to have lots of money as the University can aid in the payment of the fees.

All they ask for is that you are passionate about your chosen subject and you are ready for anything they will throw at you. Everyone at Oxford was really pleasant, or at least the ones we met were.

We met lecturers, post-graduates, who each gave sample seminars, under-graduates, who did some activities with us that explained which A-Levels were needed for a few of the 50,000 university courses, students from other schools across the country and that kid whose name some of us forgot when we were introducing each other: Oops!

Our trip to Oxford University allowed us to make friends with other schools but also strengthen the relationships which we already had. On the way, we had already decided we would all be one big, happy, if somewhat dysfunctional, family starring Mr Brook and Mrs Sowerby as the caring adoptive parents and Dominic, Fay, Georgia, Joey, Laura, Rebecca, Zoë and myself as the mismatched and slightly bizarre children but if the Travelodge we stayed in was our family home then we’d definitely need some professional cleaners; we would probably even have to hire Kim and Aggie for a few weeks.

On behalf of all of us who took part, I’d like to thank Mr Brook and Mrs Sowerby for giving their time and being our surrogate parents for the two days.

Hannah Gordon, Year 11