Puffin festival may swoop to help the stricken species

The puffin is at risk of extinction.
The puffin is at risk of extinction.

The next Amble Puffin Festival may involve some sort of fund-raising to help the birds, after the devastating news that they are facing extinction.

Last month it was announced that the cute creature, with its mutli-coloured beak, has been added for the first time to the International Union for Conservation of Nature red list of species at risk of being wiped out.

Puffins make an annual pilgrimage to Coquet Island and the Farnes to breed, before heading off to sea for winter.

And for the last three years, Amble has held a popular festival to celebrate the iconic birds. The 2016 event could play a role in trying to help the stricken species.

Amble Town Council clerk Elaine Brown said: “We need to be seen to be acknowledging the fact that the puffin has been added to this list, so while it is important to retain the community aspect of the festival, the committee may look towards doing some sort of fund-raising, maybe to help the RSPB Coquet Island nature reserve, like buying nest boxes or something like that.”

Next year’s puffin festival is scheduled for May 28 to June 5. For more details, visit www.amblepuffinfest.co.uk