Publication celebrates history landscape, nature and culture

A new journal '“ billed as A North Northumberland Miscellany '“ has been launched, aiming to celebrate all that is great about our region.

Sunday, 6th March 2016, 5:00 am
Swansfield Peace Column

The first edition of The Cheviot for spring 2016 has been published and it is hoped it will come out three times a year: March, July and November.

It is the latest project from Alnwick’s Ian Hall, who set up his own imprint, Wanney Books, in 2013 to publish his own and others’ works on Northumberland’s history, culture and landscape.

The Cheviot, a new journal for north Northumberland.

The idea came about when Ian realised how many stories there are about the county which, while not justifying a booklet of their own, would probably be of interest to people.

This led to the idea of a sort of miscellany, which then grew to include other items, such as poems and paintings, to provide an introduction to things that people might not normally come across, to give new angles on places that people may already know and to help people promote their work.

“In some ways it is a modern version of some of the old journals from 100 years ago, such as The Border Magazine,” said Ian.

“I hope that The Cheviot will provide something a bit different, which people will find interesting, informative and entertaining.

Duddo Stone Circle

“The aim is to cover aspects of the region that are perhaps less well-known or to look at an unusual aspect of more well-known parts.

“A variety of people have contributed to this first edition and more are going to be involved in the next issue.

“I’d like to thank all those, who, with very limited information, have bought into the idea and have both provided material and encouragement for this first edition.

“In no particular order – Katrina Porteous, Avril Meakin, Helen Page, Noel Hodgson, Brian Doyle, Peter Podmore, Ian Clayton, Chris Davies and Mick Grant – thank you all.”

The Cheviot, a new journal for north Northumberland.

The journal has 40 pages, all in full colour, and costs £4.50, which includes postage and package in the UK.

It can be bought from using PayPal or by sending a cheque to Wanney Books, 15 Fairfields, Alnwick, NE66 1BT.

What’s inside the first issue

Ross Back Sands and the Guile Markers – Perhaps Northumberland’s finest beach, together with the history of the markers that have guided sailors into Holy Island harbour for more than 200 years.

Duddo Stone Circle

Behind the scenes – Exploring the workings beneath the Grand Cascade at The Alnwick Garden.

Duddo Stone Circle – Images and poetry.

A hike to Windy Gyle

Remembering a local engineer – Sir Charles Parsons, who is buried at Kirkwhelpington.

Lindisfarne Causeway – Art and poetry from Peter Podmore and Katrina Porteous.

A geological walk on Holy Island – What signs of the past can be found in the rocks around the village.

A forgotten air crash from the Second World War

Swansfield Park Peace Column – A little-known memorial in Alnwick from 1814.

Photos from the Bailiffgate Museum’s archives – Showing what life was like in the early 20th century, including an image of the funeral of Emily Davison in Morpeth.

Cateran Hole – A place of mystery in the moors near Chatton.