PUB: Council put up hurdles

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I see the county council finally got its way – no Wetherspoons, not any day.

I believe there can be only one group responsible for this sorry saga, and it’s not Wetherspoons.

As Kevin Thompson has said, (Northumberland Gazette, October 20), the county council seems never to have wanted Wetherspoons and to have put every hurdle in its way.

The Corn Exchange building is an absolute disgrace, as is the car park, full of puddles of water.

Does the county council not want Alnwick, the county town of Northumberland, to move forward? It appears it likes it as it is – a ghost town. No one seems interested in Alnwick.

Councillors were elected by us to bring to Alnwick what the people want, not what they want, or don’t want. I suggest at the next council elections we de-select them.

All that money wasted on headquarters at Ashington, none for ghost town Alnwick.

Come on, get a grip, go back to Wetherspoons, don’t let it slip.

In a Gazette poll in 2013, 72 per cent of voters were in favour of it, but no one on the council listened.

At the next council elections, I suggest we say to this council, out, out, out.

D Knapp,

Pickwick Place,