PROPOSALS: Well done on consice letters

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Congratulations to Rob Jewitt (Hipsburn) and Katie Ash and Janice McLaughlin (Lesbury) for formulating concise and elegant letters in response to the rather cynical proposals from Savills and Northumberland Estates, delivered on-line and via hand-made flyers through letter boxes.

The essence of the Draft Neighbourhood Development Plan has been consultation with local residents during the last 18 months. A great deal of time and effort has been afforded to the construction and timetabling of due process. At no time has Northumberland Estates been in direct discussion with local residents during this lengthy timescale.

Hipsburn and Lesbury have simply been presented with decidedly ‘loaded’ questions online and printed script.

The planning and consultations committee on the parish council should be supported and applauded for their professionalism and awareness of procedures and due process.

J and H Platt,