Property collapse

NORTHUMBERLAND MEP Fiona Hall has written to the Prime Minister to demand more protection for North East residents buying property abroad.

The move comes as thousands of people face financial ruin due to the collapse of holiday home purchases.

Illegal behaviour by unscrupulous developers in Cyprus has left many North East residents out of pocket, either paying for a house that hasn’t been built or living in a property without legal ownership.

Now, Fiona is taking up their case with the UK Government in a letter to David Cameron.

She said: “This is a very serious problem and one that I am receiving a lot of letters about at present. Many of the people who have written to me were looking forward to retiring in the sun and now they find their entire financial future in doubt. Their stories are heartbreaking and I will do all I can to help secure a solution to the problem.

“I have signed this letter to David Cameron to demand greater protection for UK citizens. It is completely unacceptable that Cypriot developers can so flagrantly break the law and jeopardise the livelihood of people who had a right to think their money was being safely invested in a holiday home.”