Promotion of site ongoing

Coquet Enterprise Park, Amble
Coquet Enterprise Park, Amble

Attempts are being made to market Amble’s industrial estate, but interest has been limited, the town council has been told.

Cameron Scott, from Arch: The Northumberland Development Company, which has a number of sites and premises on Coquet Enterprise Park, said: “Interest has been limited with the main inquiries being from small-scale businesses seeking site compounds for storage which, while generating a capital receipt, are not in keeping with our aspirations for the site.

“We have undertaken to improve signage and are implementing a marketing programme through local agents aimed at attracting a range of different potential businesses and investors. Direct approaches have and are being made to agents and larger businesses to encourage investment in the area.

“We would be happy to meet the town council to discuss its offer of assistance in promotion of the site.”

He added that Arch is involved in the town’s ambitious Seafood Town project.