'˜Promising' progress on community land

Glendale Middle SchoolGlendale Middle School
Glendale Middle School
A bid to create a community facility on the former school farm field in Wooler is looking more promising, following a meeting with council officers.

However, a long-term lease to grant the strip of land, next to the Glendale Middle School playing fields, would require the parish council to draw up a business plan to prove that it would be sustainable.

The idea was born when the Scouts were looking for a new home and they are part the plans moving forward, as is the school for its forest school and its youth group.

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Others to consider include the Men in the Shed project, set up by the RVS at Haugh Head, while income could be brought in by creating some allotments on the site and allowing other Scout groups to use it for camping trips.

The parish council was told that getting the whole site was not possible, but a bid for this small plot would be looked on ‘favourably’.

Coun Rosanna Reed said: “If we get it, it will be a marvellous asset for the community.”

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