Precept to remain the same next year

North Sunderland Parish Council will keep its precept at £11,000 next year.

Councillors voted not to raise the amount they levy from council tax.

Coun David Donaldson said: “I think we should leave it as it is, we have got a significant balance.”

County Coun John Woodman added: “I think you are completely right not to put it up because you have clearly got enough. I would warn you that the pressure on the council means they will probably be doing less than they were doing before. The focus will be on trying to protect front-line services, but inevitably you will lose some.”

Coun Sylvia Hillan said: “We have got more than enough. However, I think it is sad that we are deciding our precept tonight, but county are not having their budget meetings until December 8, 9, 10. In future I think it would be nice if county have their meetings earlier.”