Praying for superfast boost

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Churches are another group who will benefit from having a faster broadband connection.

We have looked at businesses and individuals, but faith will also be able to benefit from superfast broadband.

Alnwick’s digital champion Kenneth Jorgensen explained how it would help The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Alnwick, where faster broadband will mean having a more reliable connection that will give better video quality, which can be used for a few things.

The first thing that comes to mind to benefit will be the youth, who meet locally during the week for their bible study group.

In an area like Northumberland with large distances this might prove too difficult to attend for some on a daily basis.

With a faster broadband connection for the outlying areas, it will be possible for those people to link up from their home to the main study group via video conference using a web cam. Group video conference tools like Google Hangout are excellent tools for this and work very well.

As well as having their local congregation meetings on a Sunday, members also watch special worldwide conferences twice a year via satellite.

For this they will normally travel to regional areas with a large satellite dish but now they can watch it live from their home using a good broadband connection.

Or with a faster broadband connection they can receive and project it in their local congregation in a good-enough quality so all can see it, including those who do not have broadband at home.

Kenneth said: “This is really a way that will make the world feel much smaller and more connected and be of huge benefits to all the members.”