Prayers needed for Penny to be given a clean bill of health


Penny arrived at Shak as a stray over a week ago having been found close to the charity’s base in north Northumberland and after wandering into a couple’s outhouse to seek shelter and sleep for the night.

She may be an ex-working dog who has been discarded and the rural location in which she was found would back up this theory.

Her matted fur and skin condition underneath would also suggest she has lived or spent a lot of time outside.

Penny has a huge mammary tumour, the size of a grapefruit, and at least another four or five other smaller lumps.

Her teeth are rotten and all her senses (eyesight, hearing and smel) appear to be less than perfect.

All in all, she is in a pretty terrible way, but despite this she is a wonderfully-natured girl.

A check-up at the vets found her chest is a bit ‘raspy’, which gives great cause for concern in case any cancers have made their way to her lungs.

If chest X-rays show the all-clear then it’s full steam ahead in terms of spaying her and having an operation to remove the tumours.

If the worst news is confirmed then she will need somewhere to see out her days, just being loved.