Poster van leads to parking row

Anne-Marie Trevelyan with the poster van.
Anne-Marie Trevelyan with the poster van.

The Conservatives welcomed a poster van criticising Labour’s record on the economy to Alnwick last week, but it has sparked a row about illegal parking.

Tory candidate for the Berwick constituency, Anne-Marie Trevelyan, was pictured with the vehicle in Alnwick last Thursday.

Scott Dickinson, Labour’s candidate for Berwick, said: “I know that Labour on the council have implemented free parking for towns and now country parks, despite opposition from Ms Trevelyan’s Conservative Party, but that doesn’t mean she’s able to park her expensive poster van anywhere, ignoring the rules that apply to ordinary people. She needs to be more careful about where she parks for her photo opportunity and while this must be an embarrassment for her campaign, I’m sure she’ll take it in good grace.”

A Conservative spokesman responded: “We would point out that it was the Conservatives who led the campaign for free parking in Northumberland and just wonder if Scott Dickinson is lining up a new job as a traffic warden for after the election, we would be happy to provide a reference.”