Porsche is home sweet home for robins

The robin in its unusual home.
The robin in its unusual home.

A family of robins have taken residence in the most unlikely of places – the front grille of a Porsche.

David and Judith Campbell, from Lesbury, could not believe their eyes when they saw that the bird – along with a number of eggs – had moved in. And the chicks have subsequently hatched from the eggs.

Judith said: “My husband was washing the car and a load of leaves and twigs came out.

“On investigation, we discovered that there was a nest with eggs in. That was on Sunday, April 9, and we haven’t driven the car since.

“We don’t want to get too close, so we don’t disturb them, and we will leave them until they move on. We are also making sure that our bird feeder is well stocked.”