Pool back in the swim after boiler failures

Coquetdale Swimming and  Fitness Centre
Coquetdale Swimming and Fitness Centre

A swimming pool is back in use after two months’ closure because of faulty boilers.

The facility at Coquetdale Swimming and Fitness Centre recently had been closed because domestic boilers were used at the site instead of commercial ones, Rothbury Parish Council heard last week.

Speaking at the group’s monthly meet, Coun Steven Bridgett said: “The pool has been out of action for quite some time and when it was in action it was freezing cold.

“When it was built they put residential boilers in. They have been patched up over the last four years and desperately needed replacing, but it was a question of who was responsible for them.”

Because the closure meant schoolchildren were unable to use the facility, Coun Bridgett met the cost of the appliances from his members’ small schemes fund at Northumberland County Council.

“I had to do that to get them up and running while the county council investigated it,” he said.

“In one way or another the county will meet the cost.

“The problem is that it isn’t just the two schools in Rothbury that use the pool all the schools in the valley do as well.”

Coun Joy Morton asked why the wrong appliance had been used in the first place.

“I don’t know,” he said.

“But they put in a 30kw system when it should have been 80kw.

“I’m just glad it has now been fixed and can be used again.”

The hold-up was caused as it was not known if North County Leisure, which runs the fitness facility was responsible for the boiler failures or if it would lie with Northumberland County Council.

“I was sure it was the county,” Coun Bridgett added.

“But we just wanted to get it sorted as soon as possible so that the school kids can get their lessons back.”

Coun Morton also raised concerns that the pool had been out of action again after being told that swimmers had gone on a Monday to use it but found the centre closed.

But it was heard that the opening hours may have changed.

The leisure centre was created after a grant of £255,000 from Northumberland County Council .

It was opened in October 2008 at the same time as an extension to Alnwick’s centre.