Poll shows support for Big Mac slightly outweighs the nays

Franchisee Nigel Dunnington at his McDonalds restaurant in Lytham.
Franchisee Nigel Dunnington at his McDonalds restaurant in Lytham.

The debate about the pros and cons of a McDonald’s restaurant in Alnwick continues to rumble on via Facebook and Twitter.

Earlier this month, the Gazette reported that while there are no confirmed plans, the fast-food giant does have its eye on a restaurant in Alnwick.

Plus, there is an extant outline planning permission, which was approved as part of the development of the new petrol station at Cawledge.

Under the conditions, a detailed application would have to be submitted by November next year.

And the potenial for a new restaurant has sparked plenty of debate among our readers on social media.

And one of the issues that keeps rearing its head is litter.

Some point out that litter is a ‘guaranteed downside’ of a McDonald’s opening, while others suggest that it is not the company’s fault, but the people who drop litter.

Others question whether it would be any different to existing outlets such as Subway and other takeaways.

McDonald’s prides itself in keeping on top of any litter issues.

A spokesman said: “Like any responsible member of the community, one of our main priorities is being a good neighbour and we are committed to playing our part in tackling litter.

“Our restaurant teams carry out patrols three times a day to collect all types of litter, as well as doing all they can to encourage customers to dispose of their litter responsibly before leaving the restaurant.”

Since last week, the Gazette has also been running a poll on its website to gauge the views of our readers.

Again. opinion is divided and, as of Tuesday lunchtime, 257 (59 per cent) were in favour and 178 against.