Poll results: Vast majority keen to ban fireworks from general sale

A vast majority of our readers think that fireworks should be banned from sale to the general public, according to our online poll.

Wednesday, 9th November 2016, 5:00 am
Updated Wednesday, 16th November 2016, 3:00 pm
Should anyone be able to buy fireworks? Picture by Steve Miller
Should anyone be able to buy fireworks? Picture by Steve Miller

Out of more than 1,600 votes, 94 per cent of respondents favoured the ban, with just six per cent voting against.

But there were some dissenting opinions.

For example, on our Facebook page, Mark Moore said: ‘No, if we went around banning all things that upset our dogs then I would have outlawed bridges a long time ago. Banning things is not the way to control what people do, educating and teaching kids to be considerate and not to be anti-social would go a long way.’

Last week, we reported that a north Northumberland woman was left devastated after her beloved horse had to be put down due to the injuries sustained when he was spooked by fireworks.And fireworks also led to the tragic demise of a dog this year in Whitley Bay, as reported by our sister paper the News Guardian.Nine-year-old collie Shearer was spooked by a burst of unplanned fireworks while out on a walk near St Mary’s lighthouse. A week later, his body washed up on the beach in Redcar.