Wooler Parish Council

Safety report received

The council has received the annual report from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents concerning Bryson’s Park and Scots Park. This year it includes a suggestion that a sign discouraging wearing jewellery during football games in the parks be hung on goalposts, as well as loose surfaces and uneven steps.

Help needed to recruit firemen

The council is to look into what they can do to help with the recruitment of retained firefighters. Glendale has seven retained firefighters where once there were 14. Chairman Colin Burn told council one difficulty was that employers were less likely to allow their employees to act as retained firefighters.

War memorial cleaned up

Wooler’s war memorial has been cleaned ahead of the visitors expected to mark the centenary of the start of the First World War. The monument’s path has been cleared of weeds. The rails have been cleaned ahead of being painted this week. Councillor Anthony Murray said there had been ‘a vast improvement’.

Very little crime in Glendale area

It was reported that there has been ‘very little happening’ in terms of crime in the Wooler and Glendale area.

There had only been five reported crimes since the last council meeting.

Local police have put this down to residents heeding warnings, especially those aimed at securing farm vehicles.