Northumberland property prices - this is how much have prices gone up in each constituency since the last election

BoJo or Jezza, Leave or Remain, voters have got plenty to think about as next month’s General Election looms.

Friday, 15th November 2019, 6:00 am
Updated Tuesday, 3rd December 2019, 11:59 am

But where should you place your X on December 12 if your main concern is the price of your property?

Estate agent comparison site,, has looked at house price growth by constituency since the last election, and which party tops the house price growth table as a whole.

The research shows it is a close call between Conservatives and Labour, with the Lib Dems trailing.

Wansbeck has seen the steepest rise in house prices since the last election in Northumberland
Wansbeck has seen the steepest rise in house prices since the last election in Northumberland

The Tories top the table – just – with house prices across all Conservative constituencies increasing by an average 5.3%, while Labour constituencies saw a 5.1% increase.

Constituencies with independent or other parties in power have seen an increase of 4.9%, while Jo Swinson’s party averaged a rise of just 3.3%.

Of Northumberland’s four MPS in the last Parliament, Labour’s Ian Lavery gets the estate agent’s vote, with prices in Wansbeck rising an average of 7.4%. His colleague Ronnie Campbell oversaw a rise of 3% in Blyth Valley.

Berwick, held by Tory Anne-Marie Trevelyan, saw prices rise by 2%, while colleague Guy Opperman’s Hexham saw prices remain stable.

Ian Lavery

The five best performing constituencies for house price growth since the last election nationwide – Birmingham Ladywood, Leicester South, Brent North, Sedgefield and Barnsley Central – are all Labour-held.

Two each of the five worst performing areas – Cities of London and Westminster, Hornsey and Wood Green, Lancaster and Fleetwood, and Richmond Park – are held by Labour and the Tories, with former Conservative Justine Greening’s Putney making up the numbers.

Founder and CEO of, Colby Short, said: “We thought it would be interesting to see which areas have bucked the wider trend of market uncertainty to register the best levels of house price growth since the last one.

“When it comes to wider political house price performance the data shows it’s a very mixed bag and while Labour hold 14 out of the best 20 performing constituencies for house price growth, they also hold 11 of the worst 20 as well, although the Lib Dems seem to the worst party for UK homeowners across the board.”

Ronnie Campbell
Anne-Marie Trevelyan
Guy Opperman