Northumberland Gazette readers say Boris Johnson was WRONG to prorogue Parliament

Northumberland Gazette readers have said Prime Minister Boris Johnson was WRONG to shut down Parliament.

Wednesday, 11th September 2019, 12:23 pm
Prime Minister Boris Johnson

The Government officially shut down Parliament on Monday night for five weeks, with MPs not due back until October, barely a fortnight before Britain is due to leave the EU.

Opposition MPs claim the move is intended to stifle debate and opposition to a no-deal Brexit.

Our on-line poll asked: “Do you agree with Parliament being prorogued for five weeks?”

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More than 800 people took part and the vote was split 47 for, 53 against.

Comments on our Facebook page were divided.

Mike Wedge wrote: “I find it somewhat depressing that so many people think the shut-down of British democracy is acceptable”, while Robert Rowan said: “ The reasons Boris gave for this were disingenuous. Boris can’t help it, he lies !!“It was obvious that it was it was to do with Brexit and not the introduction of a Queen’s speech. Why can’t he just be truthful, just for once. What a Charlatan!!!

But Gina Bridgman said: “We all know MPs’ positions after three long years and endless debates on Brexit. I’m genuinely sick of Parliament and would personally vote to have them prorogued permanently. Larry the cat would do a better job” and Caz Rae agreed: “Think the lot of them need to be sacked.

“Unfortunately that would bring us no nearer a resolution on the subject, in the meantime the indecision is costing this country a packet both financially and politically within the world market - we are a laughing stock at the moment, and little wonder. The EU only needs to hold its ground, it knows that it has the upper hand, and any advantage we may have been able to bring to the table have gone, and they know it... it an utter mess.

Neil Hutchinson wanted out immediately: “Get on with it! #brexit” while Alan Knighting wrote: “It is the Party Conference season, so Parliament has only been prorogued for a few extra days.”