MP COLUMN: Ukraine has become more than just a military battle

Alan Campbell, Tynemouth MP.Alan Campbell, Tynemouth MP.
Alan Campbell, Tynemouth MP.
These are extraordinary times. People say they never expected to see scenes of war in Europe and are horrified by what they see.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has dominated debates in the Commons uniting the parties and broadly uniting the country.

Just when you think you have seen everything in Parliament something unique happens.

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First the Ukrainian Ambassador to Britain, His excellency Vadym Prystaiko came to witness Prime Minister’s questions.

He received a standing ovation from MP’s who rose to proclaim our support for the struggle of his people.

To the outside world applause may be a common occurrence but in Parliament it is rare.

This week an even more remarkable thing happened.

The Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky addressed the House virtually in one of the most extraordinary moments the House has witnessed.

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He quoted Churchill and the “fight them on the beaches” speech to remind us of Britain’s darkest hour before an anticipated Nazi invasion.

“Cometh the hour cometh the man” and President Zelensky showed in just a few minutes why he is such an inspirational leader.

Ukraine has become more than just a military battle. It has caught the popular mood.

Social media being used to share information which the Russians would prefer to shut down.

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People giving items to aid refugees and are venting their anger at the failure of the British Government to rise to the refugee challenge.

Veterans are sending kit to aid the defenders and there’s a principled stand from football, the world’s most popular sport.

And in the greatest of causes – Slava Ukraini.