MP COLUMN: Time for the Prime Minister to pack his bags and go

It’s being said that a leader should not stand down in wartime.

By Mary Glindon, North Tyneside MP
Tuesday, 19th April 2022, 10:43 am
Mary Glindon, North Tyneside MP.
Mary Glindon, North Tyneside MP.

Well, no one here is suggesting that President Zelensky does that.

Boris Johnson did the right thing in visiting the Ukrainian President. The UK and its defence secretary, in particular, are rightly commended for their support over many years.

None of this gets Johnson off the hook. He has broken the law and been fined for breaking his own rules.

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It’s the first time a serving Prime Minister has been found guilty of breaking the law. And there may be more to come.

He and his Chancellor’s ignominious actions should mean they resign forthwith. But the ball is in the court, so to speak, of Tory MPs.

Some have honourably called for him to go. Others are keeping mum.

They know he has been rumbled but don’t want him to tumble, at least just yet.

The stench of bad behaviour at Downing Street – which currently hosts the biggest single cohort of law breakers in any single street – will grow.

Public opinion is very clear on the fact that he and his aides have done the wrong thing.

I doubt if people will change their minds. They are furious about the sacrifices they made during lockdown in not being able to say farewell to friends and family on their deathbeds, for instance.

They see clearly that there is one law for the PM and another for the small people. Boris Johnson will one day get his come-uppance.

In the meantime, the stink of hypocrisy emanating from Downing Street does massive damage to the reputation of our democracy.

Punishment for breaking the law, lying about it to Parliament, and seeking to gaslight us should follow.

Hiding behind the suffering of Ukrainian people is insulting.

Any British government and PM would be supporting them. Labour backs firm action to defend Nato and to help save Ukraine from a rapacious aggressor.

That won’t change if Tory MPs find their conscience or Johnson goes.

No more excuses, Prime Minister. Pack your bags and hand over to a PM who has principles.