MP COLUMN: Prime Minister needs to follow the rules

“Which future Prime Ministers school report described him as believing he is ‘one who should be free of the network of obligations which binds everyone else’?“ would have been a good question in the Downing Street Quiz.

By Alan Campbell, Tynemouth MP
Friday, 17th December 2021, 6:00 am
Alan Campbell, Tynemouth MP.
Alan Campbell, Tynemouth MP.

But why does it matter if we have a Prime Minister who believes it’s one rule for him and another for everyone else?

It matters because following the rules in a pandemic matters. It also matters that rule makers can be trusted to follow the rules themselves.

And as we enter a new and dangerous phase of the pandemic it matters even more.

The science tells us that Omicron spreads even faster than earlier Covid variants.

Common sense tells us that higher levels of infection will lead to more hospitalizations and deaths will likely rise.

History tells us that winter, even before Covid, put the NHS in crisis and if hospitals can’t cope it’s not just Covid patients who will suffer.

A Prime Minister who believes the rules do not apply to him risks sending out a message that others can follow his example or worse that the rules aren’t necessary in the first place.

They are needed.

Omicron is a clear and present danger.

The new rules are proportionate and necessary, to save the NHS not the Prime Ministers political skin.

Getting the booster is vital so please get yours.

Christmas may be quieter than we hoped for but safer than it might otherwise could be. With that let me wish you a happy Christmas and a safe New Year.